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Financial Investment
   The Heungkong Group, as one of the first private enterprises to invest in the finance industry in China, has more than 10 years of experience in financial investment. The Heungkong Group’s investment portfolio covers banks, securities, funds, insurance, private equity, guarantee, and micro loans, and it has invested in eight financial institutions. It is one of the major shareholders of Guangdong Development Bank, GF Securities and GF Funds, and is also a principal shareholder of Guangdong Nanyue Bank and Bank of Tianjin. In addition, the Heungkong Group has also invested in three village banks and many high-quality enterprises.
   At the beginning of 2013, the Qianhai HeungKong Financial Holdings Group was established. Currently, the Qianhai Heungkong Financial Holdings Group’s investment portfolio comprises 22 enterprises: in 11 of which it has a controlling stake and in 11 of which it has a minority equity interest. The Qianhai Heungkong Financial Holdings Group is mainly engaged in fund management, micro-financing, finance leases, equity investments, guarantees and management consulting, etc. In the next few years, the Qianhai Heungkong Financial Holdings Group will continue to apply for new finance related licenses, increase the scope of financial services, and make plans for the establishment of an insurance company, privately-owned bank, finance company, and trust company, in order to bring about new areas of growth.
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